The Youth Press & Development Organization was formed in the year 2000 to address poverty issues that youths and other vulnerable groupings are undergoing. Youth empowerment is the direction of our objectives to fuse in life skills that would see them fish for life at the same time fight and mitigate the deadly pandemic of HIV&AIDS. ‘Press’ for publications and ‘Development’ of mind and ‘Organisation’identification of projects that would alleviate and sustainable development towards poverty eradication.


The organization is non-governmental and non-political run by youths whose aims and objectives are the following; 1.Youth-empowering ourselves with life skills that would see them fish for life. This would be done through identification of projects, as 70% of the populations are youths of which less than 10% are employed. 2.Health –this shall be through education publications by presenting the public organized, well disciplined and well run organization to play a full role in the fight against HIV&AIDS and malaria in the community. Fight ……Permanent Energy Malnutrition [PEM] as due to high poverty levels most of the children in our community are malnourished. 3. Promote social interaction and exchange of information, ideas among members and the outside world. Produce newspapers, magazines, leaflets, posters, drama, sketches, talk shows on good governance on corruption and other ill vices so that the solutions are found towards poverty eradication. 4. Liaise with other vulnerable grouping so that we come up with consolidated solutions towards our HUMANIST responsibility of poverty eradication. 5.Partner with other organizations and exchange information so that the global village is brought near developing nations. 6. Fight for the legislation to allow Youths stand for the Republican presidency, as we believe that any person with brilliant ideas can lead the nation to prosperity. So why not endorse a YOUTH? 7.To identify perspective sustainable projects with self-sustenance within our areas of operation which might be village, town, city, country…independent from donors and financiers. 8.Should be interdenominational organization to fight injustices; Racial segregations. Production of weapons of mass destruction that aims to eliminate the human race. 9.Compose documents on conflict resolutions within Africa by working closely with legal foundations. 10.To engage the Youth Adventist of Poverty Reduction [Y.A.P.R] to work in volunteer performance services to the community. This would act as a stage to provide Youth Leadership Opportunities [Y.L.O] programmes to have better decision makers in future.