YOUTH WELFARE CLUB ® SHAHKOT, is group of people of, all ages for all walks of life to share the public interest as well as the UNESCO/UN system activities, seeks to disseminate it and associate him selves with the work of the UN system and the UNESCO by undertaking activities directly inspired by both of UNESCO and UN system.

A firm belief in YWC’s idea a commitment to the principles of Universal declaration of Human Rights. YOUTH WELFARE CLUB® SHAHKOT is an Non Governmental Organization establish under the patronization of Directorate of Youth Services Govt.of  Punjab and Nehru Yuva Kendera Sangthan(Govt. of India) to Promote the concept of Youth Activities as well as social activities, International Peace and Disarmament, harmony, solidarity, advancement of women and people shall be brought up in the spirit of above activities as well as for justice, freedom, mutual respect and understanding in order to promote equal rights for all Human Beings and all Nations, economic and social development, and maintenance of International peace and Security.

The club has carried out several programmers of benefits to people and specially to promote the awareness about hardship among youth both boys and girls, organizing functions/seminars on eye/blood donation, adult and non formal education, general health for all, sports/cultural activities as well as international peace and disarmament, to stop the Child Labor / Child Abuse, Drug Abuse. YOUTH WELFARE CLUB ® SHAHKOT’ S activities through out the world to be of vital importance for the creation of a true International spirit.