YouthLead is a nonprofit youth leadership and advocacy development organization headquartered in New York City. YouthLead believes young people have much to teach, share and learn from each other.

The YouthLead mission is to contribute to the development of well-rounded young community members that can explore issues, articulate a position and translate perspectives into positive actions. YouthLead believes strongly in the powerful voice of young people.

YouthLead Aims and Objectives:

– To use coaching as a tool for personal development

– To use Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Lead Coaching to enable youth to learn together, work together, articulate their views and take action

– To use teaching, media and projects as a way to encourage teamwork and strategic skill building

– To use integrated curricula enabling participants to work on life mission and goals

– To work in collaboration with other service agencies and organizations for community building and enrichment