ZIMT was the first indigenous organization established to monitor elections during the transition from one party rule to multiparty politics in 1991. Since then its objectives have expanded to include human rights and governance issues.

Aims & Objectives

– Monitoring elections at all levels.

– Advocating for the establishment of good governance.

– Furtherance of the rule of law.

– Broadening of the franchise.

– Encouraging the participation of women and youths in the management of public affairs.

– Creation of a democratic culture.

Target Groups

– University and College Students

– Police Personnel

– Members of Parliament

– Youths

– Women

– The Judiciary

– Chiefs

– The General Public


i. Training:

– ZIMT organizes seminars, conferences and inter-party meetings in its educational campaigns. In its educational program it focuses on civil and political rights, politics and democracy. It uses local materials, such as the Constitution and relevant statutes, as well as international human rights instruments such as the international bill of rights.

– ZIMT also trains election monitors and chiefs.

– The organization also conducts civic education through radio.

ii. Advocacy and Information:

– ZIMT takes public stands on various issues of national concern, and lobbies for the reform of laws and public institutions.

– It produces and distributes pamphlets and posters, as well as international human rights literature.