The mission of the Zero Waste Alliance is to support organizations in the creation of a more sustainable future.

Our objective is to provide improved profitability, competitiveness and environmental performance through the development and implementation of practices that lead to the reduction and elimination of waste and toxics.

The Zero Waste Alliance [ZWA] has been formed to promote the use of Zero Waste strategies. Together with our Resource Network, we support the needs of businesses and organizations in the areas of Zero Waste strategy, education, and technical services. ZWA uses the tools of industrial ecology, especially Life-Cycle Assessments, Design for the Environment, Green Chemistry, Full Cost Accounting, Product Stewardship, Waste Exchanges and Environmental Management Systems to assist businesses/organizations in their efforts to move from the greatly inefficient, costly, and environmentally destructive “take-make-waste” practices to becoming more efficient, competitive, profitable, and environmentally responsible using cyclical “Zero Waste” strategies.

The Zero Waste Alliance is a bridge between a business/organization’s needs and the capabilities available through universities, national labs, state, federal and local government resources and private consulting firms. ZWA promotes and supports the concept of Zero Waste through education and supporting services. Its approach is to prevent waste through the redesign of processes and products so they do not waste material, energy, or human resources by efficiently creating more profitable, competitive, and environmentally responsible products that have future applications at their life’s end.

Zero Waste Alliance Organization

The Zero Waste Alliance is a program of the International Sustainable Development Foundation. It is made up of business, university, government and individual members dedicated to helping organizations obtain the competitive and environmental advantages available from Zero Waste strategies.