Our Vision:
– To uplift the local community by addressing the unemployment crisis and resulting poverty, the failure rate of small businesses and the plight of the HIV Aids orphans through the provision of incubator and short-course skills training, support, advice and mentorship.

– Zikulise’s highest priority is the creation and sustainability of new and existing small enterprises that have a real potential to contribute to the local economy with particular emphasis on the creation of black-owned small enterprises that will grow into viable and sustainable businesses.

– Raising entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship.

Our Mission:
– To educate and train people and thereby empower people to stand on their own.

– The Zulu word “Zikulise” means “to grow yourself”.

– The broader overall objectives of the skills training centre is to support and encourage local economic development through the provision of high quality skills training, SMME support, advice and mentorship; to encourage job creation within the district; to address poverty alleviation through job creation.

– To reduce the failure rate of small business by providing trainees with short and long-term incubator training, support and mentorship.

– The specific objective is to set up a protected environment at the existing Arts and Crafts Centre in Empangeni where entrepreneurs will be trained, nurtured, mentored and empowered, included are outreach skills training programmes into the rural areas where the people live, HIV Aids care centres and the local prison as well as promoting sponsored apprenticeship training at local businesses.

– Tourism and a culture of entrepreneurship especially within the youth will be promoted.

Our Programme areas:
– Women,
– Tourism,
– Sustainable development,
– Disability,
– Children,
– Capacity Development / Training,
– Economic development.