* Lobby for an enabling environment: to represent and lobby for the industry in ensuring the existence of an enabling policy and regulatory environment for microfinance institutions.

* Promote and represent MFI interest: to act as a uniting body to promote and represent the interests of MFI`S with donor agencies, financial sector institutions, and government bodies.


* Set standards for the Industry: to determine and institute minimum standards and best practices for the general conduct of business of MFIs in Zimbabwe.

* Create a Cadre of Professional Microfinance Practitioners: to promote the development, adoption and enforcement of a code of conduct for member institutions.

* Promote Industry Networking and Information Dissemination: to coordinate microenterprise research and the systematic collection, analysis and dissemination of information sharing and cooperation between members.

Capacity Building:

* Improving Institutional Performance: to develop the management, operational and institutional capacity of ZAMFI members in meeting performance standards, in maintaining accountability and transparency in the conduct of business, and in providing affordable finance to microenterprises.

* Develop local capacity to provide microfinance capacity: to develop local capacity to provide ongoing training and technical assistance to MFIs and microenterprises.

Mission Statement

ZAMFI`s three-fold mission is to:

* Provide a platform for advocacy for microfinance,

* Promote the professionalisation and standardisation of the industry to ensure its development as an integral part of the country`s financial system; and

* Promote capacity building of an industry in its infancy to provide financial services to large numbers of low-income clients in a progressively sustainable and competitive manner.