* To alleviate poverty through the enhancement of self reliance of selected rural and urban communities

* To improve demand driven service delivery to five disadvantaged communities in the areas of Economic Empowerment, food security, education and health which were identified through a stakeholder consultation process.

* To enhance capacity of non-state actors to plan, implement and manage poverty focussed projects through a co-ordinated process within a decentralised framework.


ZDCP is a joint action programme between Non State Actors Forum, Government of Zimbabwe and European Commission which emanates from the LOME IV convention [now Cotonou agreement]. Under this programme, EU-ACP co-operation is being extended to Non State Actors. ZDCP is a pilot programme within the whole ACP region and is essentially. The Non State Actors Forum is a coalition of Civic organisations which include Farmers Unions, Consumer Unions, CBOs, Trade Unions, Cooperatives, Rural District Councils, Urban Councils, Women`s Organisations, NGOs, Churches and Research and Training Institutions.

Mission Statement

Attainment of sustainable poverty alleviation