Our Vision

Young men and women in any nation and particularly in Africa constitute an immense reservoir of energy and wisdom. Yet they are cramped in a corner and follow a warped path into the future. The formation of ZiFAYA was driven by the need to empower youth to effectively deal with socio-economic and political issues that disadvantage them. Therefore the vision of ZiFAYA is that of:

“A society where present needs of the youth are adequately met and their future is secure and guaranteed.”

Our Vision

Pursuant to that vision, the mission of ZiFAYA is to:

“strengthen information, resources and networking among youth organisations and support youth advocacy and public dialogue.”

Values and philosophy

The business of ZiFAYA involves facilitating public dialogue involving youth and developing programs that will enhance the capacity of youth to take their destiny into their own hands. Developing strategies, together with our fellow youth, that help overcome challenges facing us as youth in Africa. These include HIV AIDS, ignorance, and lack of information, seclusion, marginalisation and poverty. It is our business to change the perception that youth are a risky investment destination through an organisational development and accreditation process. AS such ZiFAYA bridges the gap between the visionary youth and all development partners across the board.