The provision of assistance/promotion of activities aimed at uplifting the standard of youths.

To find a lasting solution to youth unemployment problems through increasing the knowledge base of effective programs, practices and policies that support child and youth development.

To raise awareness of children and youth issues and of existing programs and strategies that address those issues, by promoting youth participation and youth development and by developing materials and strategies that help move programmes, communities, organisations and government to act and build on what is known.

Promote, inform and support appropriate responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the field of HIV prevention, care, support, long-term planning and coping with the impact of HIV/AIDS among the youths.

To promote the use of local resources, culture and indigenous languages among the youths for social mobility and economic interaction.

To provide funding and technical skills towards youth economic programmes.

To foster networking and interaction among those with common concerns and interests through organising workshops and meetings, disseminating published and electronic information and facilitating partnership and learning exchange

Mission Statement

Building a better foundation for today`s youths as they are tomorrow`s leaders