The aim of Zimwriter is to advance the development and enjoyment of creative writing amongst Zimbabweans, and to provide local content for producers, broadcasters, publishers, literary agencies, ad agencies, production houses, with international standard formatted local scripts.


1)    To support the development of, and interest in creative writing in Zimbabwe and the grooming and nurturing of local talent.
2)    To support the principles of equality and to mutually support the work of writers at all levels and from all backgrounds, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or any other social constructs that discrimate human beings.
3)    To recognise the role of the arts in promoting wellbeing, social participation and personal development of writers.
4)    To organise workshops which enable individuals to develop their own writing across a variety of writing forms; poetry, drama, film script, short story and novel.
5)    To make and maintain links with other organisations with similar aims and objectives (e.g. writers groups, arts organisations, community groups and educational institutions.)
6)    To promote the work of writers locally regionally and internationally.