The Ziyodullo Shahidi International Foundation for Culture (ZSHIFC) was organized in February 1992 by the Z. Shahidi Museum of Musical Culture, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Science, the National University, and the Kayra-Kum Carpet Factory. At that time, Tajik society had split into two contradictory ideological fronts which threatened to annihilate the values created by the previous generation, and there was a distinct need for a foundation of this kind.
…….The Foundation aimed to overcome the conflicts in the country’s cultural life which had been hidden during Soviet times, but which came to light in the post-Soviet period, causing a re-evaluation of societal values. A timely conference worked out a program of the rehabilitation and development of pre-existing intellectual interaction and cooperation, with the aim of using that as an ideological instrument in the transition period. A process of consolidation of the creative part of society was begun, and the Foundation’s work forms part of that process. Its transformation into sustainable development will be a task for society as a whole.
…….To the present day, the Ziyodullo Shahidi Foundation exists and successfully realizes its projects and festivals.