Mission Statement

To empower abused women and assist women and children overcome the trauma and the effects of rape and domestic violence through education counseling and training programmes and micro business entrepreneurship. Assist young people who are HIV Positive to live and develop them. To get medical and judicial assistance as soon as possible for the survivor and assist them to become survivors and not victims.

We are well established with the community and children are referred to us from schools, crèches and parents. We operate from our office situated in Diepsloot at The Wings of Life Centre. We are currently running workshops with teachers and children at schools on a regular basis and they all know where they can find us when they are in a crisis. Time frames for dealing with individual cases differ and we will deliver service to Diepsloot every day with assistance from nurses at the clinic. As we have been running for 11 years we are used to implementing services as and when they arise but we intend to concentrate our efforts on developing the Wellness Centre and running the schools programmes.

Our success rate amazes us. We have documented success stories and most of these young people come back to volunteer and assist the next group. We have found that we have had positive results by conducting Creativity-In-Action workshops with groups of up to 30 children/ young adults at a time. These workshops develop the children’s self-awareness as well as detecting their talents so that these qualities can be nurtured. Once their talent and passion has been assessed they are sent to an appropriate educational institution to study.

We endeavor to develop an attitude of mentorship and mutual involvement. We work in the community – running the workshops on location at the settlements / squatter camps The psychosocial problems of the community are often related to race and religion and we have found it cathartic to include aspects of other cultures in our workshops. We have set programs in six of South Africa’s indigenous languages and a local man, Themba Tshabalala is our facilitator.