In a broken world in which increasing numbers of people are marginalized by conflict, injustice, poverty and disaster, signs of hope and restoration emerge where people experience peace, justice and mutual confidence, regain dignity and have fair and equal opportunities for development, in accordance with God’s original aim.


ZOA-Refugee Care supports refugees, internally displaced (IDPs), returnees and others affected by conflict or natural disaster in their transition from instability and lack of basic needs towards a situation in which conditions enabling a process of structural development have been (re-)established.

Strategy for the future

Contributing to the building of social structures and the enhancement of social justice and reconciliation forms a major challenge for ZOA. Loyalty to the target group is a fundamental aspect of our approach. We do not only limit our contributions to relief efforts; ZOA also facilitates physical and social rehabilitation, with a development perspective. ZOA thus aims at bridging the gap between relief and constructive development.