Zomi Computer and Internet Association was founded in 2000 as aresult of scrutinizing the Y2K millennium bug and its possible affecton our society particularly among the Zomis worldwide. Many hours anddays of researches about the upcoming challenge had caused theresearcher Disciple Kap Sian a.k.a Taang Sianpu to study and learn moreabout Information Technology which eventually led him to the formationof ZCIA. As the need demands for the Zomi people to revolutionize andcongregate the existing skills and resources among the Zomi (Chin) inInformation and Communication Technology, It was publicized in 2001 viawebsites and mailing list. About a year after publicizing it (ZOCIA) onthe Net, more and more IT enthusiasts joined the new born Networkgroup. Senior active members like, Thomas Khaipi from Germany wouldjoin the Network who eventually became the co-founder of theAssociation. The purpose of this Association is to train and boost upyoung IT newbies to experts, to offer technical support and other ICTrelated education and software, hardware development nationally as wellas internationally.

ZOCIA currently has six main departments and, the vision and missionof this association has been fulfilled in different levels undervarious extend- one way or the other in the following areas.Literature, Software, Hardware, Media, Zomi ICT Fund and Network isbeing implemented and Zomi ICT Update itself is a product of theliterature department. It will always seek to fulfill the set visionand mission by the contribution, help, advice and participation of theentire Zomi (Chin) national around the world. ZOCIA Network isexpending its horizon into two branches; Kalay and in Tedim, Myanmar.It is serving for the good cause of the Zomi people locally as well asglobally.

Objectives and Statements

• to encourage and promote professionalism among its members as well as non-members alike.
• to promote continuing education research, and intellectual inquiry in management information systems;
• to encourage and promote interchange of information in Information Technology (IT);
• to make available to the members of the Society various types of services and facilities;
• to foster a better understanding of the vital role of computers to business, government and society;
• to promote and facilitate innovation and adaptation of IT for national and regional development for our nation;
• to promote regional and international exchanges and cooperation in the field of IT and related technologies.


Zomi Computer and Internet Association is established to elevateInformation and Communications Technology [ICT] capability andprofessionalism for Zomi and beyond, specifically:

1. Tofacilitate the exchange of opinions and views on Information andCommunications Technology ICT, and to inform and promote knowledge ofICT to members and the public for the development and use of ICT.
2. By representing industry practitioners, to inform and lobby its people on ICT policy and standardization.
3. To obtain from members and other sources information relating toICT, and to disseminate such information amongst the public and theSociety by means of newsletters, journals, circulars, publications,lectures, seminars, conferences or otherwise.
4. To improve the technical and general knowledge and to elevate the professional status, of persons engaged in ICT.
5. Education and training to elevate the level of ICT capability in for Zomi people worldwide.
6. Professional development and advancement.
7. Community development that enhances the standards and levels of ICT for the greater good of the Zomi people and beyond.
8. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above purposes.