ZSL is a charity devoted to conservation and education. The worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats is the key role of ZSL.

Our scientists in the laboratory and the field, animal management teams at both zoos and our veterinarians contribute wide-ranging skills and experience to both practical conservation and to the scientific research that underpins this work.

The charity is made up of five operating divisions

* London Zoo

* Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

* Institute of Zoology, ZSL Library and ZSL Scientific Publications, Meetings and Awards

* Conservation Programmes

* Fellowship Services.

The ZSL mission statement

To achieve and promote the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats

ZSL pursues this mission by:

* keeping and presenting animals at London Zoo and Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in accordance with best practice

* giving priority to species that are threatened in the wild

* increasing public understanding of animals and their welfare and of the issues involved in their conservation

* maintaining an outstanding education and information programme, particularly for schoolchildren and families

* undertaking field conservation programmes, both in Britain and abroad;

* developing its role as a leading centre for research and conservation biology and animal welfare

* fulfilling its role as a learned society and force for zoology and animal conservation through publications, scientific meetings, lectures, the award of prizes for outstanding achievement and the promotion of conservation policy.